Vitamin E: The Beauty Vitamin

Vitamin E is known for its antioxidant properties and is often called the “beauty vitamin” because it helps prevent your skin cells from dying. But it has many other benefits in skincare that our products are carefully designed to harness.

Why Is It Good For Your Skin?

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that is naturally produced by healthy human skin. With age, the production of our skin’s supply drops, and this is where its use in our diet and cosmetic products becomes crucial in defeating the signs of aging.

It can be natural or synthetic. Naturally, derived from plants, it is a group of eight tocopherols. The synthetic version imitates natural tocopherols and is eight times cheaper and, unsurprisingly, less effective.

Natural Sources of Vitamin E

You can get a boost of this awesome antioxidant from your favorite avocado sauce or a slice of pumpkin pie, but the ingredient most abundant in vitamin E is vegetable oils, like olive oil or sunflower oil, and whole grains, nuts, and seeds. Adding it to your diet will up your supply, but, in many cases, topical use is considered a more effective way of delivering it to problem zones. 

Skincare Benefits


If talk about environmental stressors, free radicals, and antioxidation feels unrelatable, just think of those nasty blackheads that happen to settle on your nose. They are nothing but pore oil (sebum) that has darkened due to oxidation. Being fat-soluble, Vitamin E penetrates deep into the skin and inhibits the oxidation of those oils and fats (bye bye, blackheads!). This alone is a great reason to use it in skincare products.

Skin moisturizing

Vitamin E in skincare products improves the skin’s ability to seal in moisture, helping you achieve that coveted dewy glow.


The use of Vitamin E in sunscreen improves protection due to its ability to absorb UVB rays.

Lipid barrier protection

Due to its antioxidant properties, Vitamin E helps keep skin lipids fresh and the skin barrier intact, protecting your skin from harmful bacteria and moisture loss.               

How We Use Vitamin E

At Untamed Humans, we use only natural Vitamin E in the form of mixed d-alpha, d-beta, d-gamma, and d-delta tocopherols that have been isolated from vegetable oil distillate (VOD). We always use a mix of different tocopherols because these compounds are more stable when they are together, and we care about the stability of our products.

We use it for two different purposes: as an antioxidant for your skin and as an antioxidant for our formulas. It helps keep precious ingredients, like CBD oil, intact. Which is why our Body Butter with CBD and Topical & Ingestible CBD+CBG Oil products are always formulated with this magical vitamin. We also add it to our Facial Moisturizer, a custom precious lipids product we tailor-make to meet your individual needs.

Check out all the carefully selected ingredients in these products and more on our product page!

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