Introducing: Untamed Humans

We’ve never adhered to the status quo; while some people find comfort in sameness, we seek to highlight and celebrate our differences.

Together, as an organic chemist and a business and brand strategist, we set out to revolutionize a skincare industry rooted in homogeny, complicated routines. We want to create one-size-fits-all approach with a new beauty brand designed for, and by, each individual.

We had spent a lifetime being overwhelmed by selection and multi-step routines; our shelves and vanities were overflowing with serums, toners and moisturizers we’d accrued in attempt to find the perfect combination. The big beauty industry trained us to accept this as the norm, but we knew we could do better.

Fiercely Individualized, Single Bottle Skincare

Untamed Humans makes fiercely individualized skincare, with farm to face, single bottle products that combine science and innovative technology to give customers everything they need, and nothing they don’t. We’ve created products to enhance our customers’ natural beauty through precise and personalized formulations.

We aren’t about achieving a homogenous standard of beauty—Untamed Humans believe in allowing every human to live and present their true and authentic selves: the rough edges, the imperfections, the fresh-faced glow, and the meticulously made up for whatever the day or night may bring.

Our team promises to provide single bottle skincare – each product is made one bottle at a time, never mass produced. We uses your specific information to select from hundreds of thousands of combinations to meet your exact needs. Then we package your individualized skincare products and ship soon them after production.

Untamed Humans Individualized Skincare Full Collection

Untamed Humans believes that what you put on your skin should adhere to the same standards as what you put in your body, using only the freshest, locally sourced and natural ingredients—nothing harmful, and nothing extra. The team uses a proprietary system to formulate and create each individualized product in a sterile, precise environment, ensuring quality and consistency in every item.

We’re beyond excited to enter the market with five simple, effective products. These products allow our customers to live their best lives, without having to worry about lengthy, expensive skincare routines. Our skincare solution starts and ends with what makes us (and you!) unique; it’s skincare that puts you first.

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