Reishi Mushroom – The Wonderful Fungus For Your Whole Health And Skin

The plant adaptogen, Reishi Mushroom, plays an important role in centuries of Chinese traditional medicine and whole health medicine. It helps people cope with stress and malfunctions of the immune system. Frequently, people used the mushroom in traditional medicine recipes to treat insomnia, apathy, physical fatigue and low immunity. It’s also proven to be a powerful and effective skincare ingredient.

Mushrooms in the forest at Doi Inthanon National park in Chiang Mai, Province Asia Thailand

While it’s native to China, Japan and the Altai Republic in Russia, the mild, moist, intensely fertile environment of the Pacific Northwest make it an amazing place to grow fungi of this kind. As a result, we are able to use wild-harvested Reishi from larch cuts in Oregon and Washington.

A Deeper Dive Into Skin Science

Polysaccharides and triterpenes are the two major groups of components in a Reishi. These molecules exhibit chemopreventive and / or tumoricidal effects, as proved by numerous studies from in vitro experiments and animal and human in vivo studies. This unique chemistry allows the mushroom to serve us in many ways.

Reishi Mushroom’s Benefits

As a supplement, Reishi helps enhance the immune system, reduce stress, improve sleep, and lessen fatigue.
As a skincare ingredient, Reishi mushroom benefits the skin by improving the condition of already damaged skin cells. It does not spur the production of elastin, but the active substances contained within it, effectively treat cells affected by ultraviolet rays and free radicals. It is herbal rehab for the dermis.

These properties make this potent adaptogen a perfect ingredient pick for our edible and topical CBD + CBG Oil and our Body Butter in Stick Form. We use our own methodology to extract the fungus into a combination of oils, avoiding any chemical solvents and extreme temperatures.

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