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What You Should Know

This carefully constructed oil uses unique ingredients including high quality CBD and CBG oils, organic reishi mushrooms and organic sea buckhorn oil, to achieve a variety of Whole Health benefits.

This product is natural/unscented – there is no additional scent beyond the natural ingredients.


(Hydrating / Anti-inflammatory)
-Pain relief
-Fights and combats acne
-Reduces and prevents irritation, itchiness, redness and swelling


(Calming / Rejuvenating)
-Sleep aid
-Reduces stress and anxiety
-Improves focus

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How We Use It


For face and neck: Gently massage 1-3 drops into clean, dry skin before applying moisturizer or makeup.

This oil can be used in lieu of your regular face oil.

Spot application: For breakouts, dry spots, or to repair sun damage, gently work several drops into clean, dry skin.

For muscle pain: Gently massage one dropper of the oil into warm skin (try after a bath or a hot shower for best results).


For stress, anxiety, trouble focusing or difficulty sleeping: Place several drops (or a dropper full) on the tongue or in your favorite beverage (just don’t get the oil too hot).

For faster relief: Hold one dropper of oil under your tongue for 10 seconds.

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Yarrow, Calendula, Nettle, Motherwort, Burdock Root, Chamomile, Lavender, Sage, Marjoram, Thyme, Reishi Mushroom Infused Grapeseed Oil, Cloudberry Oil, Sea Buckhorn Seed Oil, Hemp Oil, CBD (1000 mg), CBG (500 mg), Proprietary Blend of Terpenes

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