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5 Thoughtful Holiday Gifts for 2020

We love everything about the holidays: The twinkly lights, the cheesy music, the delicious drinks and, of course, the giving and receiving of holiday gifts. Now, celebrating may look a little bit different this year, but there’s nothing 2020 can do to stop us from sending out amazingly thoughtful, totally one-of-a-kind presents that remind our favorite people that we’re always close, no matter the distance between us.

The first step in finding the perfect personal holiday gifts 2020 is thinking about the person who’s going to be receiving it. What are they into? How do they spend their time? What are their concerns? Their interests? Their favorite things to do? 

Need some gifting inspiration? You already know  how we do personalized skincare giving, so here are 5 more distance-proof gift ideas for this holiday season:

Create a one-of-a-kind design for them

GLDN lets you customize a piece of jewelry to fit the exact taste of whoever’s going to be wearing it. You  choose the style, metal, size, and story that it tells and they make it gorgeous.

Tell them a story

Uncommon Goods has these awesome kid’s books that empower kids to change their world and make the kiddo the star of the story. Another good story to tell? YOURS. Send a good old-fashioned letter (yes, an actual written letter!) and gift-it-up by creating some beautiful personalized stationery by Crane & Co. for the giftee.

Give to a Charity they Love

This year has been hard for everyone, and for some even more than others. If you don’t know where your friend or loved ones would want your donation to go, you can ask them or give to a reputable one that you know would make them feel good. 

Support a Local Artist from their Town

Did you know that ETSY lets you search by location? It’s easy and fun to find and support an artist from your giftee’s town. And, if you’re in Portland, we love this dreamy Etsy store  run by a Portlandian artist who custom-makes pendants to hold personalized quotes, messages and pictures.

Make them a Special Playlist

Fact: 2020 cannot ruin music. Put together a playlist of their favorite songs or create one full of new stuff for them to discover. Either way, they’ll think of you every time they listen.

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